"I am passionate and energized about encouraging others to share AUSPF's excitement about changing lives through our African partnerships supporting entrepreneur capacity building projects in Africa. I have faith in God and in humankind; I know that all men and women in every part of this world are my brothers and my sisters and I need to reach out to them in love and peace.  AUSPF is committed to helping these entrepreneurs to build structures and systems that are culturally relevant, clearly defined and sustainable.  I am humbled to be a part of AUSPF's vision and mission of change and achievement through entrepreneurial development partnerships" - Bert Phillips

"I want to share my experience in technology and business to help empower people who have not had all of the same opportunities as myself." - Andy Fraser

"I believe that everyone who works hard should have the opportunity to create an adequate livelihood for themselves and their families. I am honored to be able to guide AUSPF towards this goal in Africa."  -  Judy J. Phillips(Volunteer) Executive Director