(Recently Completed) Women's Project

The Tigania Women Saving and Credit Society Ltd. (TIWOSA) is a microenterprise and its members are micro-entrepreneurs.  TIWOSA, through its savings and credit programs, is focused on “bottom up” eco­­­­nomic development strategies, offering members lower loan interest rates among other services.

Microenterprise is vitally important for women and youth as they work to become more independent, assertive and confident and take a stronger leadership role in their communities to eliminate poverty, reduce unemployment, and ensure economic opportunities and benefits for all community members.

During the last eight years, TIWOSA has grown from eighty members to over eight thousand members.  TIWOSA’s mission is to empower every Tiganian woman to create her own savings account and have access to a revolving loan fund to start or expand a business.

TIWOSA has improved the status of women within the family and the communities of its eight geographical areas (wards) dramatically and has helped them to meet some of the following challenges:

  • Development of entrepreneurial skills and talents
  • Self-employment opportunities among the poor
  • Economic growth based on small scale business initiatives
  • Business development and expansion in local communities
  • Poverty alleviation through new sources of income and
  • Community-wide economic development opportunities

AUSPF’s work with TIWOSA started in the fall of 2009 and continued through 2014. AUSPF provided a small seed grant to TIWOSA to assist them with their revolving loan fund.  TIWOSA was in the process of developing a training program to assist their members to share their skills, talents, and experiences with one another, and AUSPF was asked to provide professional assistance in this effort.

TIWOSA and AUSPF remain in contact today and both continue to benefit from such a productive and long-lasting partnership.


In the Train-the-Trainer workshop students learned: Adult Education Skills, Business Planning, Record Keeping, Business Profit Loss analysis, Team Building and Leadership Skills.

A student who attended the AUSPF Train- the-Trainer workshop is teaching other members of TIWOSA.  
Monica Teaching Business skills  


I have attended three courses organised by AUSPF and they have been very useful to me. Above all, I have learnt how to train other people on bussiness management, how to gather infomation on strategic planning and how to plan for the future. I have also become a better leader as Chairlady of Tigania Women Sacco. I am inspired by the change brought about in the women who have been given the training, and to their response to loan borrowing and repayment.
Justa MugumbiChairlady of TIWOSA  






I was given a TOT training by AUSPF in August 2010. I learnt how to keep my business records and my business has improved. I took a loan and have been able to manage my payments. I also have been able to better train my women groups using the skills taught in the training I attended. We are grateful to them. I attended a training by AUSPF which changed my business and leadership life. I have been able to train many groups on constitution writing, record keeping, as well as group management.
Helen Kanana and Pennia Kobia, members of TIWOSA   I have been helped a lot by the three courses given by AUSPF in Business Basics,Training of Trainers and Strategic Planing. Through these courses I have trained 500 women in my office . I have also been able to make decisions and plans for the future for both my family and the organisation. I was also encouraged to go for further studies in business management and Human Relations. They should come and give us more training.








I have started a small business and I am doing well.  I learnt the importance of saving and have been able to save and now I have bought a piece of land.  Thanks to AUSPF.

Elisabeth Mwikithi, member of TIWOSA