Past Activities



TIWOSA AUSPF partnered with the Tigania Women Saving and Credit Society Ltd. (TIWOSA) a cooperative microenterprise headquartered in Meru County, Kenya for four years. 2010 through 2014.

TIWOSA contributed to the Millennium Development Goals in Kenya through its empowerment of women that enabled its members to play significant roles in creating and accessing opportunities in their respective wards in the Meru area. AUSPF assisted TIWOSA to engage in capacity building in unique, creative and results-oriented ways throughout its entire membership.

Since TIWOSA started in October of 2008 with 60 members, it has played a significant role in reducing poverty, creating wealth, and improving the status of its members (who now number over seven thousand women - 7000) and their families and communities in the eight rural wards in the District of Tigania, Meru County, Kenya in which it operates.

AUSPF worked with TIWOSA to narrow the income gap for TIWOSA members and helped to provide opportunities in education, health, food security and self- employment and income. Because of the problems of continuing droughts in the area, TIWOSA is exploring new approaches to drought resistant products and innovative sources of water delivery systems.

TIWOSA is dedicated to providing training and technical assistance that will help its micro-entrepreneur members to become more resilient and successful through:

• Using TIWOSA loans to help improve and expand their businesses

• Saving more and repaying their loans

• Focusing on growing their businesses in new and profitable ways

AUSPF and TIWOSA also focused on leadership education and Micro-accounting training and financial literacy skill building projects.  




AUSPF made its first grant to Ukwakhisana (Gathering Together-Growing Together) in South Africa.

Ukwakhisana is a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose principal focus is to enhance the quality of life and increase business prospects, agricultural developments and tourism development in poor communities around the Kruger National Park.


Ukwakhisana applied the AUSPF grant to the work of the Nhluvuko Agricultural Project – Lillydale Community. This women’s fresh vegetable community agriculture project involves soil preparation, planting, growing, pest control, crop rotation, harvesting, packaging and marketing processes. The fresh vegetables grown provide food for the community and a source of shared income when surplus vegetables are sold to neighboring communities and tourism lodges.




AUSPF also made a grant to Ingwavuma Orphan Care (IOC) located in KwaZulu Natal, near the Swaziland and Mozambique Borders. IOC provides healthcare, psychosocial and economic support, life Skills training and vocational skills training programs. This grant was in support of the AIDS Orphans' woodwork training project.

AUSPF accepted and distributed designated funds raised in Los Angeles, California for the Rwanda Cinema Center. The Center is located in Kigali, Rwanda. The Rwanda Cinema Center is a place where youth can learn, play and acquire new entrepreneurial leadership skills through filmmaking.



Muthara High School was a feature grantee. Muthara High School received its first grant in 2011 to start a computer lab for the school and a internet cafe' for the community. AUSPF with the support of the Science & Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Conneciticut set up this income producing computer project for the school. The computer lab was capable of housing ten computers. The lab had equipment to project the images from a single computer to a screen so that even a classroom of thirty could learn from one computer. Muthara used the screen for its free "Introduction to Computer Literacy" workshops it held for the community. The internet also provided access to distant learning programs. Muthara High School and the Science & Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut communicated through Skype. They had specific groups at each school, for example the environmental club participate in this project.