Our Mission:

Developing sustainable communities in Africa by creating and replicating proven and effective entrepreneurial programs.

AUSPF partners with African communities by actively engaging women, youth and families in generating products and services that produce sustainable and profitable results.

AUSPF's  entrepreneurial support and development programs center on:  

  • Economic and social capacity building
  • Leadership and business and life skills development
  • Health, education and well being

AUSPF,  provides leadership development, business skills training and supports entrepreneurial development. We are motivated by common purposes, guided by a passion for life and living as well as a commitment to poverty reduction.  We partner with African groups and communities who are involved in lifting themselves out of poverty. By partnering AUSPF has been able to transform small groups of individuals into a powerful team.

 "I am passionate and energized about encouraging others to share AUSPF's excitement about changing lives through our African partnerships supporting entrepreneur capacity building projects in Africa. I have faith in God and in humankind; I know that all men and women in every part of this world are my brothers and my sisters and I need to reach out to them in love and peace.  AUSPF is committed to helping these entrepreneurs to build structures and systems that are culturally relevant, clearly defined and sustainable.  I am humbled to be a part of AUSPF's vision and mission of change and achievement through entrepreneurial development partnerships" - Bert Phillips