The Africa United States Partnership Fund (AUSPF) is dynamically involved in entrepreneurial capacity building and sustainable self-help projects in rural communities on the African Continent.

AUSPF partners with community organizations in helping  them to identify and focus on their critical needs and collective strengths.  Our entrepreneurial capacity building partnership programs center on business planning, skills development, team building, and leadership.

We also provide technical assistance to schools in rural areas.

Poverty reduction and wealth creation are the key goals of AUSPF. We support entrepreneurial agents of change in the rural African communities in which we work.


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Bert and Judith Phillips founded AUSPF and incorporated the organization in their home state of Maryland in 2004.


Our Board of Directors enthusiastically encourages you to partner with us through volunteer involvement and/or financial support of entrepreneurial projects that reduce poverty on the African Continent.

There is no better time than now for you to join AUSPF and our African partners in identifying, creating and supporting entrepreneurial opportunities and vibrant self-sustaining projects in local African communities.


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"I believe that everyone who works hard should have the opportunity to create an adequate livelihood for themselves and their families. I am honored to be able to guide AUSPF towards this goal in Africa." - Judy J. Phillips(Volunteer)