Frequently Asked Questions about AUSPF

  AUSPF defines "donations" as "investments" due to the positive force and life changing value of their impact in rural African communities.

What are the benefits of "investing in rural Africa" through AUSPF?

1. Our African partners ensure the growth and sustainability of your "investment" because they are the entrepreneurial innovators, capacity building thinkers, and poverty reduction activists of their local communities.

2. AUSPF focuses on partnership projects that model best practices and can be easily replicated and sustained.

3. Each "investment" enhances life skills, promotes a sense of individual worth and value and increases access to income-generating activities. 

How much of my "investment" will actually go to the project?

AUSPF is operated with minimal administrative and fund raising costs. Eighty-five cents of every dollar "invested" goes directly to projects in rural  Africa. As an "investor" you will receive information on how your "investment" is positively impacting the lives of the project participants and an annual AUSPF financial report. 

What type of assistance does AUSPF provide to its rural African Partners?

AUSPF  provides funding, technical assistance, strategic planning, business development training and leadership consultation to micro-enterprises, cooperatives, savings and credit groups, youth groups and schools.


Can I direct my "investment" to a specific activity within an AUSPF project?

Yes, you can!  AUSPF provides for "investor" advised or designated funds as well as unrestricted funds. After you have reviewed our projects, if you have a special interest, please state it and we will honor your request.

Will I receive a receipt for my IRS tax returns?

The Chairman of the Board of Directors writes a letter of acknowledgement to each "Investor." This letter may be used as a receipt for IRS purposes.