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Bert and Judy Phillips

Personal Statement by Judith V. Phillips
I co-founded The Africa United States Partnership Fund (AUSPF) along with my husband, Bert Phillips. We both saw a need for income producing activities in the African communities that we visited. We also saw such a willingness to work hard among the people we met. We realized early on that much of what was needed was training and technical skills on how to run a successful business. Our goal has been to share our knowledge and know how with aspiring entrepreneurs. I personally learned about the strong work ethic needed to be an entrepreneur from my parents who built a successful soft drink beverage company in Bermuda. My parents company operated for over eighty years and as their business was growing they helped many other people in their community to start their own successful businesses. Creating AUSPF has provided me with a special feeling of gratification, not only because I can see positive change in the communities we work with, but because I am also continuing my parents' example.

Founders: Bert and Judith V. Phillips   

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Africa United States Partnership Fund (AUSPF)

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"I am energized about encouraging others to share AUSPF's excitement about changing lives through our support of entrepreneur capacity building projects in Africa. I have faith and I know that all men and women in every part of this world are my brothers and my sisters and I need to reach out to them in love and peace. This is one of the main reasons I con-founded AUSPF with my wife, Judith. I am passionate about AUSPF's focus on assisting the poor to positively effect their lives through successful entrepreneurship. AUSPF is committed to helping these entrepreneurs to build structures and systems that are culturally relevant, clearly defined and sustainable over the long run. I believe poverty can be alleviated by thinking smart, engaging others, acting fast and working hard. I learned this through a pioneering effort with the Tuskegee Institute Community Education program in twelve (12) black-belt counties in Alabama; through my work with the US Committee for UNICEF and through our initial AUSPF projects in South Africa. As an entrepreneur for over forty years, I know that AUSPF has the right model for entrepreneurial partnerships in Africa. I am humbled to be a part of AUSPF's vision and mission of change and achievement through entrepreneurial development partnerships"
- Bert Phillips